Case Study: Deloitte

The Big Four professional services firm builds a brand and brand center for the speed of business.

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Brand extends far beyond the brand team 

Kelley Grover geeks out on brand and brand governance, but she gets it for most of her 240,000 colleagues, such matters are a chore, not a passion. 

“Most folks say, ‘I don’t have time for brand. I have to meet this goal, I have to meet with this client, I don’t have time to be worrying about that,’” said Grover, Senior Global Brand Manager at Deloitte. 

Grover takes a different view: “We are all brand ambassadors. It is all our jobs to be representatives of the brand.” 

In 2016, Deloitte launched its refreshed brand identity with a single brand architecture and identity system to deliver on a consistent and meaningful global Deloitte experience. With so many associates who all use or live the new brand in some way, the mammoth task of governance fell to a few people on the Global Brand team. 

A new hub for a new brand 

Deloitte’s previous identity, created in 2003, was fit for a world that ran differently than ours does today a pre-iPad, pre-smartphone world. 

“If a brand identity system does not accommodate for how practitioners do business, people aren’t going to use it,” said Grover. “And that’s going to cause the brand to become diluted and not as consistent as we need it to be. “Our new brand has to deliver the same experience regardless of where a client is geographically, what business they interact with or what device they use to reach any professional from our global consultancy.” 

The evolved brand demanded an evolved brand center, which meant investing in dynamic technology reflective of an undisputed leader. Deloitte needed a platform that would function as a beacon for brand governance. 

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Beam was a natural fit.

Together, the Beam and Global Brand teams set out to bring Deloitte’s new brand to life and to make sure it remains as compelling and relevant as the day it was launched. That meant transforming Deloitte’s longtime brand center, Brand Space, from a centralized repository of static guidelines and outdated PDFs to a platform that teems with living, breathing content. Take the best practices showcase gallery, for example it’s updated on a daily (yes, daily) basis.

There’s also a training section of digestible videos covering a range of brand touchpoints, from creating on-voice content to delivering on-brand experience. Even better, the videos were all captured from engaging live sessions with Grover and Brian Resnick, Director of Global Brand.
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Championing change, one step at a time 

Aware that a revamped brand and Brand Space represented a huge change management process for Deloitte, Grover and the Global Brand team didn’t spring it on associates overnight. They gradually used Beam to roll out the brand.

“We provided support through the local member firm brand teams and provided a three-month period for all of our global users to be able to transition,” said Grover. “And prior to that, we had a soft-launch period where all brand and marketing professionals around the globe were able to leverage all the materials and kickstart those processes. It was a six-month process of soft launch followed by global launch.”
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An equal-opportunity brand center

In addition to giving teams ample time and support to transition to their new way of brand governing, the Global Brand team knew another key to rebrand success would be accessibility. 

Cognizant that all too often brand centers are built with only designers, marketers and brand teams in mind, Grover and the team conducted extensive user testing with Monigle so that Brand Space would be usable for everyone. The platform is device-agnostic, so it features a consistent user experience whether associates are accessing the platform via desktop, mobile or tablet. In addition, the team has organized ongoing global engagement initiatives, like photo contests, to ensure that associates continue to use the platform to its best advantage.
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A brand (and center) built for engagement 

To date, Brand Space houses more than 221 templates and 7,506 images. Not a PDF in sight, the content is all laid out in an in-page, engaging, fully searchable way that’s intuitive to access and easy to update ensuring the Deloitte brand architecture and identity system remain consistent as the brand flexes to fit the dynamic business. 

The Global Brand team has not only created a brand that’s in alignment with Deloitte’s go-to-market strategy and business practices, but also one that, thanks to Brand Space, is easier to use and engage with than ever before. The proof is in the numbers: Today, Brand Space receives tens of thousands of unique visitors per month.

Following its rebrand, Deloitte reclaimed its status as the largest professional services firm in the world by revenue. 

433,700 associates

Of Deloitte’s vast workforce, more than 40 percent each month visit Brand Space. 

134 countries

Deloitte has hundreds of offices all over the world — 111 in the U.S. alone. 

Two of your greatest assets are your brand and your people. The success of your brand depends on how well your people can deliver your brand experience. Learn more about how to use Beam to engage and inspire employees by viewing our recent webinar How Brand Centers are Empowering a New Breed of Concierge, featuring Kelley Grover from Deloitte and Dipanjan Chatterjee, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester.

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