Who We Are

Passionate about brand

A passionate group of brand advocates, we believe that by enabling authenticity and consistency in the world’s leading brands, we are building a more trusted world.

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What We Believe

Your heart beats about 100,000 times a day, pumping 2000 gallons of blood around your body. That blood travels 12,000 miles. New York to LA… 5 times.

And it does all this without you having to actively think about it… amazing!

Imagine if you could be as efficient in communicating your brand guidelines across the network of your organization. Better yet, imagine if you could democratize your brand and enable every stakeholder to manifest your brand authentically and consistently, fueling your organization as effectively as your heart fuels your body with oxygen.

We believe that everyone has the right to work at a company they are proud of. A company whose purpose and values are aligned with their own. A company whose brand is genuine, motivating, and inspiring.

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We built Beam to enable organizations to elevate the humanity of their brand. To engage every stakeholder in their vision of a better future. To empower every stakeholder to passionately manifest their brand in every interaction.

Today, the value of your brand is most likely the largest asset on your balance sheet. Today, the value of your brand can be damaged overnight with just one misstep. Today, every employee, every customer, every partner has a global and very public voice, amplified through the megaphone of social media. Your only defense against harm is to ensure everyone carries your brand message fluently and genuinely. But defending is just the beginning.

The role of the brand manager has changed. It is no longer enough to govern a collection of assets. Brand managers now step forward and take leadership roles in their organizations, elevate their brands, drive value in their brands, and continue to protect this most valuable and fragile asset.

Authenticity and consistency are essential in mitigating risk and elevating value. Beam provides support by delivering trust in your brand across all communities.

We believe that by enabling authenticity and consistency in the world’s leading brands, we are inspiring deeper trust in those brands. Trust from their customers. Trust from their employees. Trust from their partners and the communities in which they operate.

In so doing, we know we are bringing back some of the trustworthiness that has been lost in the world.

Beam. Built by brand people, for brand people.

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Why We Come to Work

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We are passionate

brand advocates, focused on increasing the trustworthiness of brands across the world. We want to live in a world where we trust the organizations around us to stand up to their obligations and commitments.

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We built Beam

to help companies to stay true to their promises.

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We empower organizations

to consistently deliver an authentic brand experience, fostering trust across all stakeholders.

In so doing we hope to increase trust in the world.

How We Show Up

Our values are the foundation on which we have built this organization.

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Embrace humanity

We put kindness first. As Maya Angelou wisely stated, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." We strive to connect with others on a human level in everything we do, whether it's developing software, communicating with customers, or simply spending time with each other. Our mission is to explore each person's unique strengths and unite them to create a harmonious whole.

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Be a stove toucher

Some people touch the stove to check if it's hot, while others prefer to stand back and avoid risk. For those of us who are curious, that spark ignites the flames of discovery, driving us towards new levels of understanding. We embrace and cultivate our natural curiosity, as it holds the key to unlocking the extraordinary potential within each of us.

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Wear a cape

We are at our best when we push beyond our boundaries, exploring the unseen. Fear? Pfft, that's just a four-letter word. It's courage that propels us forward when doubt attempts to hold us back. We dare to step into the unknown, pursuing adventures that defy the norm.

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Be the joy

We love what we do and approach it with enthusiasm and joy. Our space is filled with laughter, energy, and the spectacle of delight. This symphony of bliss fuels our passions, offers solace in trying times, and inspires us to show up fully and play every note with heart.

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Never give up

We believe in the power of perseverance, the strength that comes from facing challenges head-on. Each step forward, no matter the distance, brings us closer to our goals. It's not just about the destination, it's about the journey and the growth we experience along the way.

The Beam Team

Passionate brand advocates

We are driven by a desire to see our customers succeed in enabling all their stakeholders to be consistent and authentic in manifesting their brand.

Alexi O’Hearn

Senior Frontend Developer

Amanda Connelly

Associate Director of Digital Client Experience

Carly Sorensen

Marketing Coordinator

Casey Peterson

Account Executive

Chelsey Emmelhainz

Content Strategist

Dan Luchs

Senior Full Stack Developer

Edward Tirado

Senior Full Stack Developer

Eric Mitkowski

Lead Backend Developer

Francis Lavelle

Senior Manager, Digital Client Experience

Gavin Flood

Client Success Manager

Jeremy Crawley

Associate Director Of Digital Experience Design

Jim Cleppe

Sr. Devops Engineer

Joel Etherton

VP of Engineering

John Fiala

Senior Backend Developer

John Uberbacher

Front End Developer

Justin Kutner

Senior Marketing Director

Kelsey Fielding

VP, Client Success

Kelsey Krebsbach

Associate Director, Digital Client Experience

Marjorie Berman

Marketing Intern

Melanie Chadwick

Senior Director Of Development

Nick Fischer

Associate Director, Quality Assurance Engineering

Parker Baker

Designer, Digital Experience

Philip Winterburn

Chief Strategy & Product Officer

Quyen Nguyen

Quality Assurance Engineer

Phil Knight

Director of Product Management

Rachel Hornay

Director of Content Strategy

Rachel Morris

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Rachel Woodburn

Chief of Staff

Reed Hatch


Sarah Moore

Senior Digital Experience Designer

Sheila Jagla

Application Developer

Stephanie Schmidt

Senior Digital Experience Designer

Steve Foster


Tara Daly

Director of Product Marketing

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