Webinar: Sustaining Brand Beyond Day Two

A New Approach to Modern Brand Governance Using DAM

We partner with Deloitte to discuss how brand advocates can keep up momentum post-brand launch.

Maintaining momentum post-brand launch is crucial for establishing the ongoing relevance of a brand, but this is often easier said than done. Join Kelley Grover, Senior Global Brand Manager at Deloitte, and Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer at Monigle, for a discussion about how brand managers can effectively drive sustained success for their brand.


During this webinar, we examine:


  1. How brand governance has been disrupted 
  2. Why 70% of rebrands lose momentum at or around 18-months post-launch 
  3. What the “new rules” of brand governance are that all brands should follow 


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Kelley Grover

Senior Global Brand Manager, Deloitte

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Gabriel Cohen

Chief Marketing Officer, Monigle

  • "Every brand leader should have a copy of this printed, laminated and placed on their desk at all times. This is the job."

    The “this” that Kelley Grover–Senior Global Brand Manager at Deloitte–is referring to, is the new set of rules for brand governance.

Watch the webinar now.

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