Webinar: Your Brand in 2024, Are You Ready?

Wondering how to transform your brand enablement? Don’t miss this behind the scenes look at WTWs game changing approach.

Everything is digital.

The need for fresh content is relentless.

It’s harder than ever to be a consumer’s brand of choice!

The sixth edition of Alina Wheeler’s seminal Designing Brand Identity textbook has been updated to address the challenges faced by brand professionals today.


Join the Brand Enablement expert Gabe Cohen (CMO, Monigle) and WTW’s Director of Brand Management, Molly Fisher, as we discuss how branding has evolved and what key trends to expect this year, including:


  • The varied and nuanced ways of approaching a rebrand
  • Bringing brand messaging down from the ivory corporate tower into the BUs
  • Insights on how to take a very inclusive approach to design
  • Managing brand consistency and engagement in a decentralized environment
  • Sustaining and keeping the brand fresh with a brand concierge mentality


Our discussion visits some of the fundamentals and provide your team with a roadmap to create a sustainable and successful brand.

Watch the webinar now

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Gabriel Cohen

Chief Marketing Officer, Monigle

Molly Fisher

Director of Brand Management, WTW